" Tattoo Nation.... My First."


  • I got my first tattoo on my birthday in 1999.  It was a gift from my friend and then manager Marie, she took me to her personal artist Omar. I showed him the design and I sat backwards in the chair - in a backwards sweatshirt, thinking "sit up straight, don't move"

  • The symbol, if you are not aware, is a Triple Moon with a Pentagram.  The Triple Moon represents the 3 stages of life for a woman/or the Goddess.  The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.  The Pentagram in the center circle is a representation of the divine form of man in his universe.  Each point of the Pentagram represents the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. 

  • Now, can someone please tell me how this can be interpreted as a satanic symbol?  I frequently get people telling me what it "REALLY MEANS" it is sometimes laughable, but mostly insulting.  Where I work I am not really allowed to respond how I would like, but it amazes me how they think they can insult someone's beliefs with so little thought.

 "A List of tattoos I want...Eventually"

The first above would be an arm piece, I have always loved this Brian Froud painting of the Labyrinth, I would remove the frame of the door, and have her dress trail into nothingness. 

The second, is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo.  I would have it on my arm in shades of Gray & Black shading with touches of red.



This is a picture of my Grandmother, Leona Lenart.  She was stunning in her youth, worked in the USO, and was a singer in the "Carter Sisters"   Probably be a large back piece or arm piece, to have her with me always



I love this Pentagram, I would probably want it on my back, but with out the barbed wire, maybe centered in something a lil more graceful and tribal.




  • Ok, the one that is NOT pictured here is:  I have an Idea, a great tree, and on its branches, my Birds, Coco, Ardmoore, Spock, Nevyn.  At the base of the tree, my dogs, Sadie, Niki, Dottie, Scruffey, etc,  The Idea is to create something that is lovely alone, but can be added to over a lifetime.  here is a pic of kind of the kind of tree I may want.